To Connect Hydrate Mate to a Smart Phone

Download the free Hydrate Mate App
Turn Hydrate Mate device on and open the App. “O” is the “off” position and “I” is the “on” position (battery is included and already installed). Your device should appear on the app screen – when this happens click “Connect”. If it doesn’t happen automatically click “reload”.

To Calibrate Your Device
Once your device is connected to the App click on “Calibrate” and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Please note this is how the device determines the size and type of bladder that you are using. Please be sure to calibrate accurately and use a measuring jug to ensure you add the correct amount of liquid. If you estimate this or do it badly it will affect the accuracy of the device.

Once the device has been calibrated for the first time it will not automatically ask you to calibrate it again. If you need to recalibrate it for use with a different size or style hydration bladder, enter the App, connect the device and then manually press the “calibrate” button.

Liquid Level
The device will check the level of liquid in the hydration bladder automatically every 15 seconds. There is also a “refresh” button which will provide an immediate volume level check. Very Important: Do not “refresh” the volume reading immediately after drinking from the bladder as this will give an inaccurate reading. Please wait at least 10 seconds after drinking before you “refresh” for best accuracy.

To Change The Battery
Simply unscrew battery cover and replace the battery – noting the polarity (+ side should face down). Battery type: CR2032.

You can turn the device off at any stage. To reconnect to the App simply turn the device back on and click “connect” on the App where you see your device listed on the App screen. If you are using the same size and brand of hydration bladder that you used last time there is no need to recalibrate. Recalibration is only required when the size of bladder is changed. Once the device has been calibrated for the first time it will not automatically ask you to calibrate it again. To recalibrate the device, enter the App, connect the device and then manually press the “calibrate” button.

After Use
Please turn off the device after use to save the battery.

To Connect Hydrate Mate to a Hydration Bladder

Before you attach Hydrate Mate to the bladder, place the supplied O-Ring onto the rubber part of the device at the base. Once in position carefully tighten the O-Ring (with a screwdriver) as required. This ensures a tight fit that keeps Hydrate Mate firmly in place.

To connect Hydrate Mate to a hydration bladder connect the bottom end of Hydrate Mate to the bladder where the hose would normally be connected. Connect the end of the hose to the top end of Hydrate Mate.

If the bladder has a “spikey”attachment it can be connected to Hydrate Mate directly. Simply remove the hose and push Hydrate Mate on to the spikey part and insert all the way in to attach the device.

If the hose is already attached to the hydration bladder and cannot be pulled off, simply snip the end of the hose off with a sharp pair of scissors and then use a knife to cut off the part of the plastic hose attached to the bladder. This will shorten your hose by approx 1 cm only.

Push the hose on to the top of the Hydrate Mate device.

If the bladder has a “quick connect” or other stye of hose attachment, cut this out of the bottom of the hose and push this adaptor into the bottom of Hydrate Mate. Connect the other end of the hose to the top of Hydrate Mate.

If at a later stage you want to remove the “quick connect” adaptor from Hydrate Mate please do so very carefully and twist the adaptor to remove it. If you pull too hard on the device to remove the adaptor it can damage the device and cause it to stop working. The recommended method is to use pliers to grip the end of the adaptor and gently pull the adaptor out with slow, steady force.