So far this has been an ongoing project of love for 4 years and counting. It was conceived by me (Andrew Saville), but as is generally the way with conception, a person would be hard pushed to try and take all the credit for it themselves!

It is only due to the tireless efforts of some amazing & talented people that Hydrate Mate has finally been born.

I have been a keen ultra-runner for some years and became totally fed up of running out of water when out on my training runs or in the middle of races. The final straw though was when I thought I had run out of water in a race, struggled 10 miles in near 35 degree heat to the next check point and arrived only to find that in fact my hydration pack was 3/4 full but that the hose had simply become kinked. So not only did I suffer needlessly, I also carried over 2 litres of water (2 KG of weight) that I didn’t get the benefit of. (Pixxed off is an understatement)!!
I know a lot of people use bottles for this very reason, but for me they just aren’t the same. They’re not as comfortable to carry (even the soft ones) and simply can’t hold as much liquid and are just not as convenient (in my opinion).

There are millions of hydration bladders sold worldwide every year and yet every one has this major drawback. You just can’t tell how much you are drinking and how much you have left in your pack (without stopping and checking, which no one wants to do regularly.) So I set out to solve this problem…

Had I known how much it would cost me both emotionally and financially to launch it…would I have started it? I really don’t know. It’s a question I often ask myself and can probably only be answered with the benefit of hind site when I know how it ends up. But one thing I will say…it’s damn lucky I have endurance.