Hydrate Mate attaches to almost any brand of 2l, 2.5l and 3l hydration bladder.

Download the free App from Android or Apple Stores.

The app will take you through a 3-step calibration process to determine the size and style of your hydration bladder

Once connected and calibrated your smartphone will show you the volume of liquid in your hydration bladder to an accuracy level of approx + / – 10%

How it works

Hydrate Mate doesn’t actually measure the volume of liquid in the hydration bladder, nor does it measure the flow of it as you drink (as flow meters are not accurate enough). Hydrate Mate actually measures the pressure inside the hydration bladder and sends that data to the smartphone app. The App contains an algorithm that converts the pressure readings into a visual water-level gauge on your phone.

Once you connect the device to a hydration bladder for the first time, the App takes you through a 3-stage calibration process that enables Hydrate Mate to determine the size of the hydration bladder being used. Hydrate Mate works with almost any brand of 2l, 2.5l and 3 litre bladder – as long as the hose attaches to the bladder at the base of the bladder, not in the middle.

Key Features

Turn Your Smart Phone Into A Fuel Gauge For Your Hydration Bladder

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