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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the App?2018-12-18T12:27:27+00:00

The App can be downloaded from our “App” page or just search for Hydrate Mate on Apple or Android App Stores.

Is the App free of charge?2018-09-14T11:53:29+00:00


How often does Hydrate Mate update?2018-12-05T15:31:07+00:00

Hydrate Mate will check the volume level every 15 seconds whilst the device is switched on and connected. It also has an “Update Now” button for an immediate volume level check.

Does Hydrate Mate work in all temperatures and conditions?2018-09-14T11:53:51+00:00

No. Hydrate Mate will work in conditions ranging from approx 0 to 40 degrees C.

Is there a Warranty?2018-12-05T15:35:02+00:00

Hydrate Mate comes with a 6 month warranty. If there is a manufacturing fault during that time just contact us and we’ll arrange to repair or replace it.

Is the App available in different languages?2018-09-14T11:54:02+00:00

At the moment it’s only available in English.

Is Hydrate Mate Fully Waterproof?2018-12-13T14:27:47+00:00

Hydrate Mate is not fully waterproof, it is splash proof only. Submerging the device in water will damage it beyond repair and invalidate the warranty.

Will Hydrate Mate measure the content of any liquid inside the hydration bladder?2018-12-05T15:37:55+00:00

It will measure any non-fizzy liquid (including water containing electrolytes once they have dissolved).

If I add water to my hydration bladder will Hydrate Mate show the level as increased?2018-09-14T11:54:19+00:00


Do I have to calibrate Hydrate Mate every time I use it?2018-09-14T11:56:33+00:00

No, you just have to calibrate if you change the size or brand of your hydration bladder.

Does Hydrate Mate fit to any brand of bladder?2018-12-05T15:39:17+00:00

Hydrate Mate attaches to almost any brand of 2l, 2.5l and 3l hydration bladder where the hose attaches to the base of the bladder.

If My Pack is Over-Full Does it Affect Hydrate Mate’s Performance?2018-12-10T22:37:11+00:00

If your pack is very full and there is a lot of kit pressing hard on your hydration bladder it can adversely affect the accuracy of the device. It will still work but the readings might be a little less accurate if the hydration pack is over-full.

How long does the battery last?2018-12-05T15:40:35+00:00

Over 340 hrs

How much does Hydrate Mate weigh?2018-09-14T11:58:56+00:00

Under 50 grams

What battery does Hydrate Mate use?2018-12-10T22:32:50+00:00


Is the battery replaceable?2018-09-14T11:59:45+00:00


How accurate is Hydrate Mate?2018-12-05T15:43:39+00:00

Hydrate Mate is generally accurate to +/- 10%.

If you can’t find the answer to your question within this page then please get in touch and we will be happy to help.